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Having trained in a wide variety of massage therapies from: 




Deep Tissue,

Face  Massage,


Pregnancy Massage,


to Hopi Ear Candles and

Indian Head Massage;-


I love to combine techniques offering the perfect tailor-made treatment, that is as unique as you are.

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Massage Treatments


Reflexology                                                  60 mins  80€

A truly blissful way to treat the body as a whole via pressure points and massage to the feet and lower legs.

Post/Prenatal Massage                          60 mins  80€

Alieviate the stresses and strains of motherhood! Including Thai techniques to aide the lower back, hips and legs to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised.  

Relaxing/Aromatherapy                        60 mins 80€/ 90 mins   115€

Calm your mind and body with this soft/ gentle massage; the perfect tonic in a hectic world. Stimulates circulation, promotes lypmphatic drainage and pure relaxation.

Swedish Massage                                    60 mins  80€/90 mins 115€

Firm, medium pressure to work on tension especially in the back, neck and shoulders whilst helping the circulation (both blood and lymph), as well as lubricating joints. 

Deep Tissue  Massage                            60 mins   80€/90 mins   115€

Strong massage ideal for athletes, hikers, golfers or simply overstressed bodies that need something to work deep into the muscles; releasing built up toxins/ waste generating a sense of relief and lightness through the body.

Hindu Head Massage                              60 mins  80€

Wonderfully relaxing, invigorating treatment to the back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp to find a special sense of escapism for the mind.         


Hopi Ear Candling                                    50 mins   80€

This ancient treatment helps to alleviate the symptoms of blocked ears (wax or air pressure), sinuses - hayfever/allergies/colds, whilst soothing the nervous sytem.  A pressure point massage to the face/head completes this therapeutic treatment.


Facial Massage                                      45 mins   70€

Anti-ageing properties, this stimulating, Ko Bo Do style massage using organic oils with 

Vit E to nourish and tone the skin; whilst minimizing fine lines leaving you glowing and refreshed.

Back Massage                                        45 mins  70€ 

Dedicated  to working and releasing deep seated  tension in the muscle, as well  as soothing the nervous sytem. For those times your back needs specialised attention.


`Massage is like medicine for the Mind, Body and Soul!`

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